Online Payments

Advanced and Secure Online Payment Technology

Fully hosted payment system combining simplicity and security for all your transactions.
Take advantage of a responsive and easily customize the interface for your customers’ total ease of use.


A payment solution that gives you a great deal of flexibility through its multiple payment options that go beyond the usual.

PIN credit and debit cards

Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallet

Alternative payment methods

ACH Payments (ECHECK)

Accept Visa, MasterCard®, American Express, Discover, Interac and more.

Full integration

With its solid and proven payment system, our integrated solutions technology is designed to optimize the transaction experience through its multiple features.

Bottom line, you benefit from :

Hosted payment page

Thanks to the payment hosting pages, you can benefit from a totally secure but simple payment system for all your transactions.

Also benefit from :

Virtual terminal

Take advantage of a system that allows you to :

Shopping cart add-on

Enjoy plug and play simplicity with third party shopping carts. Downloading and running the widget from your server has never been easier.

Anti-fraud Technology

Our security and risk management tools help you identify and prevent fraud before it happens.

Fraud calculation engine

Tokenized transactions

256-bit SSL encryption

PCI compliance Level 1

International Sales

Our global acquisition platform allows our partners to cross borders easily. Connect securely with our global payment network and offer your products and services to virtually any customer in the world.

Global gateway

Multi-currency pricing

Localized payments

Routing engine