How Gift Cards Can Build Customer Loyalty

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Most people will argue that getting a customer is easier than retaining them. This argument is, however, true. As a business owner, the next step after successfully increasing your brand awareness and getting more customers, should be retaining them. Research reveals that it takes about six to seven times more to get a new client than keeping the one you have. There are several ways one can keep a customer, and using gift cards has proven to be one efficient way. Most consumers will also agree that gift cards are their most preferred incentive.

Gift cards can be incorporated into the businesses’ customer loyalty program. For instance, you can identify the customers’ birthdays and take advantage of such a day to remember them through gift cards. The amount spent depends on the organization, but being appreciated goes a long way for the customer. You aim to spend within your budget, especially if your business is still new.

Use gift cards to reward and encourage higher spenders. You can quote, “Get a $20 gift card when you spend $150”. This initiative will make customers get excited about their shopping experience with you, increasing their perceived value for your business.

Gift cards will help you build customer loyalty by taking advantage of the seasons, especially holidays. Look at the list of customers in the customer loyalty program. Take advantage of the holiday seasons such as summer, Christmas, or Easter to incorporate gift cards into customer’s sales. The reason you need to do this is that other businesses and retailers are doing the same. This act will boost the engagement between you and clients, and customers will definitely keep coming back after every season.

Use gift cards as an incentive together with a discount. Most of your customers are likely to get excited by your initiative to combine these two. This combination will prompt customers to spend more money on your shop. It is also a way of encouraging buyers to come in person to the store by stating a certain percentage of goods purchased physically compared to online.

Response to customer complaints through gift cards will also enhance customer loyalty. You can use gift cards as the solution to customer’s problems together with an apology. The customer will feel heard, appreciated, and their complaint is taken seriously thus strengthening the relationship between your business and the customer.

Use the gift cards to create more brand awareness and interaction between the business and customers. You can invite customers to your online pages and ask them to tag their friends and family and share your business post and win a gift card. This act will grow your business page followers. You will gain as the customers also gain through gift cards, giving them more reason to visit the business page.

You need to recognize your customers and make their input feel valued thus gaining the rewards of increased brand loyalty and sales that turn into profits for your business.

However, as mentioned above, you should take advantage of holidays and birthdays and employ gift cards in between the years as more clients are looking for retailers that offer them high-end customer services and a differentiated brand experience.

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